Outsourcing of IT-services

IT outsourcing by the company Crechet is a reliable, complex, cost-effective support of the entire IT-structure of the company.

External IT department:

Saves time. No more ongoing control, no staff increases, payments to headhunting agencies for services and interviewing of candidates, allocation of space for the work of hired professionals.

Reduces costs. You do not have to employ expensive specialist for solving urgent issues that arise every few months - employees having appropriate skills and experience will address ongoing issues, and if any emergency situation occurs, an expert from this area will immediately address the process.

Optimizes work. By using high quality outsourcing service, you pay only for the result, and any complexities within the process are referred to the outsourcing company.

You outline the goal - our specialists find the best solution and realize it.

Is it difficult to outline the question? We are ready to undertake the development, implementation, improvement and maintenance of IT systems - for a specific project, for a specific period or permanently.

IT outstaffing

Outstaffing is the optimal solution for:

  • Site establishment - when an employee is required, you have money, but there is no possibility to expand staff
  • Optimization of workload for full-time employees
  • Temporary expansion of staff for realization of a specific project
  • Replacement of the employees who are absent for a long time
  • Necessity to receive services from the relevant specialists
  • Savings on taxes (deduction of VAT)

A highly qualified certified specialist will always be available at the workplace. You will not have to pay for his training and worry that he may get sick, terminate the employment or demand extraordinary salary increase. All problems of this type should fall on the shoulders of the provider of outstaffing services and shall be solved with little interference on your part.

More profitable than hiring your own employees:

- You do not need to formalize labor relationship, ensure coordination and management of personnel, prepare payrolls and other statements;

- You do not have to pay sick leave, annual vacation leave, maternity leave or taxes deducted from the salary;

- You do not experience any delays or downtime - the employee who for any reason failed to come to the office will be immediately replaced by similar specialist.

Much easier than rely on headhunters:

- You do not pay for recruitment of employees - only for the work performed by them;

- If the employee does not meet you requirements, you will not have to start the recruitment process again - Another specialist will be assigned taking into account you requests;

- If you opt for outstaffing, you can engage any IT specialist at any time.

More reliable option than occasional orders:

- The employee is always present at the workplace according to the staff schedule;

- All services are provided according to individual contract drafted pursuant to your requests;

- Our company, acting as your regular partner, is responsible for the professionalism of the employees and the quality of all the work performed by them.

Outstaffing service by the company Crechet – your entitlement to use the experience of unlimited number of employees, always competent and responsible specialist at your disposal and convenient management of your business.

Development and integration of infrastructure solutions

The company Crechet can offer its customers a wide range of solutions to increase the efficiency of their information systems, from creating IT infrastructure of any complexity to using virtualization technologies to reduce costs.

Designing and deployment of information systems:

  • Establishment of the information infrastructure of any company with due account for the outlined level of fault tolerance. Infrastructure based on Microsoft products;
  • Planning and Deployment of Active Directory. Transition (migration) to AD 2012 from previous upgrades. Merger and split-off of domains / forests AD;
  • Planning backup schemes;
  • Introduction and modernization of mailbox systems based on Microsoft Exchange;
  • Migration from outdated upgrades of mailbox systems. Migration from mail systems of other manufacturers to Microsoft Exchange;
  • Providing remote access for mobile users;
  • Incorporation of email and file data archiving systems.

Reduction of expenses in respect of modernization and maintenance of IT infrastructure:

  • Virtualization and consolidation of servers with the use of software solutions VMware and Microsoft;
  • Implementation of complex terminal solutions using Citrix and Microsoft software.

Information Security:

  • Development of the concept of information security;
  • Execution of information security regulations;
  • Execution of instructions for the personnel;
  • Network protection from external attacks;
  • Network protection from internal attacks;
  • Incorporation of anti-virus systems;
  • Incorporation of protection systems against SPAM;
  • Ensuring remote access security;
  • Protection of data and communication channels using encryption and cryptography tools; Establishment of VPN networks
  • Planning and deployment of two-factor authorization systems.
  • Establishment of public key infrastructure (PKI - Public Key Infrastructure);
  • Planning and incorporation of secure and fault-tolerant Internet access systems (Microsoft ISA / TMG). Internet access control and user traffic reporting systems. Making the company's information system consistent with the Federal Law No. 152 “On Personal Data”.

Monitoring and management of the information system:

  • Incorporation of monitoring and preventing server and equipment failures system;
  • Incorporation of the IP management, inventory, distribution and installation of software system.

Increasing the failure and emergency situation tolerance systems:

  • Establishment of cluster systems based on Microsoft software;
  • Incorporation of backup systems based on Microsoft, HP, Symantec;
  • Designing and implementation of mailbox systems of high availability and fault tolerance (based on MS Exchange).

Incorporation of data storage systems:

  • Incorporation of data storage systems (DAS, NAS, SAN) based on hardware EMC, IBM, HP;

Incorporation of data and resource management systems:

  • Incorporation of database management systems (DBMS) based on Microsoft SQL, Oracle;
  • Deployment of corporate portals, introduction of document management systems based on Microsoft SharePoint software;
  • Incorporation of project management system based on Microsoft Project Server;
  • Incorporation of customer relationship management systems CRM based on Microsoft CRM.

Software and hardware supply

The company Crechet supplies almost any state of the art  hardware and software of leading world manufacturers.

Our company has strong partnership relations with all major Russian distributors of software and hardware, and also cooperates directly with vendors, that ensures the quality of the delivered goods and special conditions for our customers.

Please, feel free to contact our managers if you have any questions, irrespective of their complexity, regarding any hardware and software.



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