New Office. New style of work.

New Office. New style of work.

Microsoft Office 365 is a new version of Office, which includes business class e-mail, shared calendars, instant text messages, video conferences and file sharing. It is designed to ensure the performance of work faster and smoothly at any time and in any place, using familiar Microsoft Office applications on your favorite devices (PC, smartphone, tablet). Opting for Office 365 at reasonable and predictable price, you get flexibility and security without additional investment into infrastructure.

Benefits of Office 365

Available from anywhere

  • Use Office on any device — PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone;
  • Connect to your Office account to access the latest upgrades of documents and personal settings;
  • Synchronize files on your devices with SkyDrive Pro for offline access, automatic synchronization and auto-saving;
  • Using third party computer connect to your Office account through the browser and for the duration of your work, download proper functional Office applications to your PC with full editing and browsing functionalities.

Work together

  • Hold effective online meetings by way of multipoint videoconferences with high image quality, notes making functionalities and real time shared access to documents;
  • Register the group mailbox and share documents and exchange comments without overloading the mailbox by sending large volume files;
  • Share documents with customers and partners using SkyDrive Pro or SharePoint, by setting up and managing access thereto;
  • Create the company website using templates.

IT Simplification

  • Easy-to-use administration panel web-based interface for adding / removing users, setting up mailbox and setting up file sharing policies;
  • Install Office on the device by streaming applications that will be instantly ready to use upon you click “Install”;
  • First-class protection against spam and malicious software;
  • Assurance that your documents are protected and automatically saved;
  • Financial warranty in respect of operation of services within 99.9% of the time.

Optimum benefit

  • Professional tools developed for small and medium businesses;
  • Constantly upgraded services;
  • Simple licensing for the user with possibility to install on 5 computers + 5 mobile devices;
  • Estimated cost of subscription payment;
  • Easy adding / removal of users.

Office 365 = new Office + online service

Office 365 combines the function of standard Office applications with e-mail (on the Exchange Online platform), document shared disposal (on the SharePoint Online platform), and instant exchange of communications and business videoconferences (on the platform Skype for business Online).

All tools work within one kit and provide the best working opportunities on all your devices — from PCs to smartphones and tablet PCs. Since it constitutes online Microsoft service, you always get the latest technology without the need for server upgrading, and protection against viruses and malicious software, automatic backups and 99.9% failover in respect of service level agreement backed by proper financing.


  • The latest version of Office for installation on your devices, licensed by way of subscription
  • Licensing per user for 5 PC / Mac and 5 mobile devices
  • Ability to work with the latest version of the document and save settings in Office applications irrespective of the device being used (roaming)
  • Office upon request — the ability to use full-featured version of Office on the third party PC
  • Online applications for the possibility of basic editing of Office documents in the browser

Exchange Online

  • E-mail and shared calendar hosted on Microsoft servers
  • 50 GB storage per user
  • Reliable protection against spam and malicious software
  • Access from mobile devices with approved access rights

SharePoint Online

  • Shared use and management of documents
  • Providing customers and partners with access to documents
  • Save documents in the cloud and synchronize with devices for offline access using SkyDrive Pro
  • Shared e-mail and disposal of documents within the group using the mailboxes of the site

Skype for Business

  • Instant messages, presence status, voice and video conferences in HD
  • Keeping notes and shared use of documents in real time
  • Holding meetings with customers and partners via Skype
  • Skype Federation, presence information, instant messages and voice communications

Which plan to choose?

Business Management System                                   Large companies

Main goals                                                                    Personalization functions

Standard scalable approach to administration of subscriptions

Business Premium Applications: Office + online service

Corporate E3 Applications: Office + online service

Business Application: Office + OneDrive

Business Basic Online service

ProPlus Application: Office + OneDrive

Corporate E1

Online services

Other services (Exchange online, OneDrive for Business, Kiosk, Project, Visio, CRM, etc.)

Frequently asked Questions

B: I have heard about the new Office package. Is Office 365 part of it?

O: Yes, Office 365 is part of the new Office product line. The new Office is the latest and most ambitious launch of customer, server software and Office tools.

B: What is the difference between Office and Office 365?

O: Office is a standard set of applications, for example, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and OneNote. Most people work with Office, installing it directly on computer or laptop.

Office 365 is a set of traditional Office applications plus corporate level services located in the cloud that provide e-mail services, shared calendars, document collaboration, instant messaging and video conferences. With the latest upgrade of Office, you can have the following advantages::

  • You have all Office applications to be installed and used on your computers. But now you can install them quickly by way of streaming from Office 365. The applications are ready to operation in a few seconds after you click “install”, Office remains in the computer and after installation can work offline. Such “click-and-work” technology is designed for easy deployment of Office on your main computers (up to five per user).
  • When you do not have access to your devices, connect to your Office profile through your browser and use “Office upon request” to get full Office functionalities for viewing and editing on any PC with Windows 7 or Windows 8. Upon logging off, no traces are left in the device. In order to use the technology, “Office upon request” it is required to have connection to the Internet.
  • If you only need to make little editing, you can log into Office and just use the web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for viewing, little editing and file sharing. This service is called Office Web Apps and is not available offline.

B: What is Office 365 for?

O: The challenges that we face in global and volatile world shall be addressed by the best technology that will help to stand out, dominate the competitors, and at the same time be cost effective. Online services offer you great opportunities. Nevertheless, you need to choose the right service provider that offers matching the company level of services, standard and functional tools, required level of security and confidentiality and some system administration functionalities, if needed. Purchase of the subscription for the latest upgrade of Office + Microsoft collaboration services hosted in the cloud is your right choice.


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